From Proto-Italic *strōmen, from Proto-Indo-European *stérh₃mn̥, from the root *sterh₃- (to spread, scatter, strew) +‎ *-mn̥ (deverbal abstract noun–forming suffix); equivalent to the root of sternō (I spread, bestrew) +‎ -men. Cognate with Sanskrit स्तरिमन् (stariman, that which is strewn; bedding, bedclothes, bed, couch), स्तरीमन् (stárīman, strewing, spreading) and Ancient Greek στρῶμα (strôma, bedding, bedclothes). For the root, compare English strew, straw and Latin storea, strāges and torus.



strāmen n (genitive strāminis); third declension

  1. litter (straw for bedding)


Third-declension noun (neuter, imparisyllabic non-i-stem).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative strāmen strāmina
Genitive strāminis strāminum
Dative strāminī strāminibus
Accusative strāmen strāmina
Ablative strāmine strāminibus
Vocative strāmen strāmina

Related termsEdit


  • Italian: strame


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