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Etymology edit

Learned borrowing from Latin strictō sēnsū and sēnsū strictō, both meaning the same. Various misspellings exist, such as stricto senso, strictu sensu, senso stricto and sensu strictu, which can be attributed to ignorance of the underlying Latin grammar causing analogical leveling of the endings. (The only grammatically correct alternative form is sensu stricto, which is also commonly found in English.)

Phrase edit

stricto sensu

  1. In the narrow sense; narrowly.
    Coordinate term: lato sensu
    Near-synonyms: strictly speaking, technically

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Portuguese edit

Etymology edit

Unadapted borrowing from Latin strictō sēnsū (literally in a strict/tight sense).

Pronunciation edit

  • (Brazil) IPA(key): /ˈstɾik.tu ˈsẽ.su/
    • (Southern Brazil) IPA(key): /ˈstɾik.to ˈsẽ.so/

Adverb edit

stricto sensu (not comparable)

  1. narrowly, in a narrow sense
    Synonym: estritamente
    Antonym: vagamente