Etymology 1Edit

Perfect passive participle of sūmō.


sūmptus (feminine sūmpta, neuter sūmptum); first/second-declension participle

  1. assumed, claimed
  2. undertaken
  3. selected
  4. purchased
  5. obtained, acquired

First/second-declension adjective.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative sūmptus sūmpta sūmptum sūmptī sūmptae sūmpta
Genitive sūmptī sūmptae sūmptī sūmptōrum sūmptārum sūmptōrum
Dative sūmptō sūmptō sūmptīs
Accusative sūmptum sūmptam sūmptum sūmptōs sūmptās sūmpta
Ablative sūmptō sūmptā sūmptō sūmptīs
Vocative sūmpte sūmpta sūmptum sūmptī sūmptae sūmpta
  • Italian: sunto
  • Portuguese: sumpto, >? sunto

Etymology 2Edit

From sumō (I take) +‎ -tus (noun formation suffix).


sūmptus m (genitive sūmptūs); fourth declension

  1. cost, charge, expense
    Synonym: impēnsa

Fourth-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative sūmptus sūmptūs
Genitive sūmptūs sūmptuum
Dative sūmptuī sūmptibus
Accusative sūmptum sūmptūs
Ablative sūmptū sūmptibus
Vocative sūmptus sūmptūs


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    • to be interred (at the expense of the state, at one's own cost): funere efferri or simply efferri (publice; publico, suo sumptu)
    • his means suffice to defray daily expenses: copiae cotidianis sumptibus suppetunt (vid. sect. IV. 2, note suppeditare...)
    • to spend money on an object: sumptum facere, insumere in aliquid
    • prodigal expenditure: sumptus effusi (vid. sect. IX. 2, note Cf. effusa fuga...) or profusi
    • to incur few expenses: sumptui parcere (Fam. 16. 4)
    • to limit one's expenditure: sumptibus modum statuere
    • to retrench: sumptum minuere
    • current expenses: sumptus perpetui (Off. 2. 12. 42)
    • munificence: sumptus liberales (Off. 2. 12. 42)