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Etymology edit

Probably from Old Occitan esvelhar, from Vulgar Latin *exvigilāre [whence also Old French esveiller], from Latin ēvigilāre.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /zveʎˈʎ
  • Rhymes: -are
  • Hyphenation: sve‧glià‧re

Verb edit

svegliàre (first-person singular present svéglio, first-person singular past historic svegliài, past participle svegliàto, auxiliary avére) (transitive)

  1. to wake up, to awaken
    Synonyms: risvegliare, destare, ridestare, fare alzare
  2. (figurative, by extension) to energize; to stimulate
    Synonyms: scuotere, smuovere, scrollare, richiamare, scaltrire, disincantare, spronare, smaliziare
  3. (figurative, by extension) to alert; to give a wake-up call
    Synonym: allertare
  4. (figurative, by extension, rare) to arouse or inspire
    Synonyms: risvegliare, provocare; see also Thesaurus:suscitare

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