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A passenger tags on.


tag on (third-person singular simple present tags on, present participle tagging on, simple past and past participle tagged on)

  1. (chiefly public transport) To hover an RFID device such as a smartcard over a receiver, often with a graphical user interface, in order to make a payment or gain access to the vehicle.
    • 2003, Daniel Fleishman, United States. Federal Transit Administration, National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board, Fare policies, structures and technologies: update, page 39
      Contactless smart card readers can be mounted at each door of an LRT car, allowing a rider to “tag on” and “tag off” on boarding and alighting the vehicle.
    • 2006, Mike McDonald, Intelligent transport systems in Europe[1], page 40:
      Tag-on/tag-off on bus services with variable fares and transfer rebates have worked very well in Singapore.