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From terato- +‎ -oid



teratoid (comparative more teratoid, superlative most teratoid)

  1. (genetics, medicine) Monster-like, exhibiting abnormal development.




teratoid (plural teratoids)

  1. (medicine) An abnormal tumor similar to a teratoma.
    • 1903, Encyclopaedia Medica vol. 13, page 138:
      In each of these divisions there are subdivisions, according as the parasite consists of a more or less recognisable fœtus, or only of a mass of fœtal tissue (teratomata, teratoids, dermoids).
    • 2005, Richard A. Bordow, Andrew L. Ries, Timothy A. Morris, Manual of Clinical Problems in Pulmonary Medicine, 6th edition, page 610:
      They can be divided into dermoids (only an epithelial layer present) and teratoids (all three germ layers present).
  2. (literature) A mutant.
    • 2002, Lance Olsen, "Omniphage: Rock 'n' Roll and Avant-Pop Science Fiction", in Edging Into the Future: Science Fiction and Contemporary Cultural Transformation [1], →ISBN, page 51:
      I wanted to explore how at the launch of a new millennium many people were beginning to feel like teratoids in the global commodity exchange.
    • 2002, Aiko Ito and Graeme Wilson, translators, Natsume Soseki, I Am a Cat vol. 2, →ISBN, page 345:
      The objects floating in the bath and lazing about on the bathroom's floor are all monsters, teratoids dehumanized by the husking of their clothes.
    • 2007, Geoffrey Verdegast, Of Staves and Sigmas: Souls of Ergos Book One [2], →ISBN, page 67:
      He had little time, however, to ponder his lack of reflex, for new incident forced his attention back to the ridge where the four teratoids had first broken from cover.


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