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Borrowed from Spanish tercio.


tercio (plural tercios)

  1. (bullfighting) Any of the three stages of a bullfight: the vara, the banderilla and finally the death.
  2. (military) A mutually supportive infantry formation made up of pikemen, swordsmen and arquebusiers or musketeers.




  • IPA(key): (Spain) /ˈteɾθjo/ [ˈt̪eɾ.θjo]
  • IPA(key): (Latin America) /ˈteɾsjo/ [ˈt̪eɾ.sjo]
  • (Spain) Rhymes: -eɾθjo
  • (Latin America) Rhymes: -eɾsjo
  • Syllabification: ter‧cio

Etymology 1Edit

Spanish numbers (edit)
30[a], [b]
[a], [b] ←  2 3 4  → 
    Cardinal: tres
    Ordinal: tercero
    Apocopated ordinal: tercer
    Ordinal abbreviation: 3.º
    Multiplier: triple
    Fractional: tercio
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Borrowed from Latin tertius. Doublet of tercia.


tercio (feminine tercia, masculine plural tercios, feminine plural tercias)

  1. (fractional number) third, one of three equal parts


tercio m (plural tercios)

  1. (fractional number) third, one of three equal parts
  2. (bullfighting) tercio
  3. 0.33 liter bottle of beer
    Coordinate term: caña
    A mí me pones un tercio.
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Usage notesEdit
  • This word is used to express the denominator of a fraction:
    Un tercio del total de la población sufre de obesidad.
    A third of the population is obese.
  • The adjective tercero can also be used in this sense, but it should be accompanied by an auxiliary noun such as parte:
    Me comí la tercera parte del pastel.
    I ate the third part of the cake.
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit



  1. first-person singular present indicative of terciar

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