Vietnamese edit

Etymology edit

Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (SV: sở).

Pronunciation edit

Classifier edit

thửa ()

  1. Indicates plots of cultivated land such as gardens, fields, etc.
    Lũ trẻ không chịu đựng nổi mùi phân bón nồng nặc bốc lên từ thửa ruộng cạnh trường.
    The children could not stand the strong smell of fertilizer emanating from the field next to the school.

Particle edit

thửa ()

  1. (obsolete, chiefly in translations of Chinese texts) Indicates abstract qualities materialized by the orator in speech or writing

Verb edit


  1. to order
  2. (of dresses, shoes) to measure
    đôi giày này thửathis pair of shoes was made to order