See also: Thana, ṭhāna, dhana, and þana

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From Hindi थाना (thānā), from Sanskrit स्थान (sthāna, military outpost). Doublet of Thane.

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thana (plural thanas)

  1. An Indian military outpost.
  2. (India) A police station, or a police jurisdiction.
    • 1888, Rudyard Kipling, ‘At Howli Thana’, Black and White, Folio Society, published 2005, page 387:
      To this talk the dacoits agreed, and we had no trouble at the Thana, and could eat melons in peace, sitting upon our charpoys all day long.
    • 2015, Arupa Patangia Kalita, translated by Ranjita Biswas, Written in Tears, Harper Perennial, page 70:
      Accompanied by some other young men from the village, he made rounds of the police thana and military base to get a release order.

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  1. accusative masculine singular of thē

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  • Low German: den

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From Sanskrit स्तन (stana).

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thana m

  1. the breast of a woman