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three-quarter (not comparable)

  1. of three fourths of the usual dimension
  2. (of a portrait) with the subject turned slightly away from a frontal view

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three-quarter (plural three-quarters)

  1. (rugby) A player positioned between the half-backs and the full-backs (properly a three-quarter back)
    • 2011 September 18, Ben Dirs, “Rugby World Cup 2011: England 41-10 Georgia”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      England's superior conditioning began to show in the final quarter and as the game began to break up, their three-quarters began to stamp their authority on the game. And when Foden went on a mazy run from inside his own 22 and put Ashton in for a long-range try, any threat of an upset was when and truly snuffed out.
  2. (only in singular) A fraction with three of four equal parts (=75 %)
    Europe has around a three-quarter billion/milliard (i.e. 750 million) inhabitants.
    Synonym: ¾

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