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tie one on




to tie one on (third-person singular simple present ties one on, present participle tying one on, simple past and past participle tied one on)

  1. (idiomatic) To drink alcohol excessively, to the point of being drunk
    • 1940, Hearst's International combined with Cosmopolitan[1], volume 109, page 77:
      "Let's tie one on!" said Peachy gaily. "Come on, Eve!"
      Eve said she couldn't drink a thing. "Besides, it's fattening!"
    • 2004, Paul Theroux, "Books: Damned Old Graham Greene," New York Times, 17 Oct. (retrieved 14 Sep 2010):
      Haiti . . . was distressed, tropical, ramshackle, overcrowded, poor and on the brink of civil war. . . . Its ornate hotels were in a state of decay, yet there was enough alcohol available for a guest to tie one on.

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