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un- +‎ fortunate

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unfortunate (comparative more unfortunate, superlative most unfortunate)

  1. Not favored by fortune.
    Synonym: unsuccessful
    Antonym: fortunate
  2. Marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune.
    Synonym: unlucky
    Antonyms: fortunate, lucky

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unfortunate (plural unfortunates)

  1. An unlucky person; one who has fallen into bad circumstances.
    • 1960 February, “Talking of Trains: Moretonhampstead - a p.s.”, in Trains Illustrated, page 73:
      Of those adults who used the trains every day, about half now travel daily by bus, [...] one unfortunate is reported to be walking to and from his employment.
  2. (archaic, euphemistic) A prostitute.

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