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From Old Portuguese vison, borrowed from Latin vīsiō, vīsiōnem. Compare the inherited doublet avejão.



visão f (plural visões)

  1. view (the act of seeing something)
    Synonym: observação
  2. sight; eyesight; vision (the ability to see; the condition of not being blind)
    Synonym: vista
  3. vision; eye (the ability to notice things)
  4. vision (an idea about how things should be in the future)
  5. view; vision (mental image)
    Synonym: imagem
  6. view (a person’s way of understanding something)
  7. (databases) view (logical table in database formed from data from physical tables)
    Synonym: view
  8. (paranormal, religion) vision (a mystical mental image of something that happened or will happen)

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  • visão in Dicionário Aberto based on Novo Diccionário da Língua Portuguesa de Cândido de Figueiredo, 1913