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wasty (comparative wastier, superlative wastiest)

  1. Of animals reared for meat: obese; undesirably fat.
    Synonym of overfinished
    • 1906, The Illinois Agriculturist (volume 11, page 239)
      Then, too, the market demand is not so much for the extreme early maturing, excessive fat type, but it is for a trimmer, “less wasty” hog.
    • 1958, John M. Kays, Basic animal husbandry (page 269)
      A trim-middled hog will have a higher dressing percentage than a wasty, gutty, paunchy, heavy-middled hog.
    • 1999, J. S. Pruthi, Quick Freezing Preservation of Foods: Foods of animal origin
      Young animals are angular and slightly thin-fleshed; mature animals are slightly thick-fleshed, but irregular in contour. Fat covering varies from thin in young animals to moderately thick in mature animals and may be patchy or wasty.