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  1. An expression of delight.
  2. The wailing cry of a ghost.
    • 1949, Robertson Davies, The table talk of Samuel Marchbanks
      "You are mistaken; I am a ghost; whoo!" said I, choking back my rage.
    • 1996, R A Noonan, Wild ghost chase
      Then he held up his hands and let out a weak ghost-howl. "Whoo?" he moaned, in a tiny voice.
  3. The cry of an owl



whoo (third-person singular simple present whoos, present participle whooing, simple past and past participle whooed)

  1. To make a whoo sound, of delight, whistling, or of an owl etc.
    • 1891, Thomas Hardy, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Part 6:
      "Upon my honour!" cried he, "there was never before such a beautiful thing in Nature or Art as you look, 'Cousin' Tess ('Cousin' had a faint ring of mockery). I have been watching you from over the wall—sitting like Im-patience on a monument, and pouting up that pretty red mouth to whistling shape, and whooing and whooing, and privately swearing, and never being able to produce a note. Why, you are quite cross because you can't do it."