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  1. simple past tense of wear
  2. (now colloquial, nonstandard) past participle of wear
    • 1673, Elkanah Settle, The Empress of Morocco [] [1], William Coleman, Act III, page 19:
      Crim. No, though I loſe that Head which I before / Deſign'd ſhould the Morocco-Crown have wore []
    • 1824, Tobias Smollett, The Miscellaneous Works of Tobias Smollett, M.D., volume VII, page 125:
      Some of the greatest scholars, politicians, and wits, that ever Europe produced, have wore the habit of an abbé []
    • 1997 August 4, Patricia A Lather; Christine S Smithies, Troubling The Angels: Women Living With HIV/AIDS[2], Hachette UK, →ISBN, page 138:
      But he wore surgical gloves when we had sex, I mean if we had had a body condom he would have wore it and he'd go wash immediately.


Alemannic GermanEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From Middle High German warm, from Old High German warm, from Proto-Germanic *warmaz. Cognate with German warm, Dutch warm, English warm, Icelandic varmur.



  1. (Carcoforo) warm


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