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From wort +‎ lore.


wortlore (uncountable)

  1. The traditional knowledge of the medicinal and nutritional use of plants, herbs, and worts.
    • 2012, Henry A. Bright, A Year in a Lancashire Garden - Page 6:
      They will come up each year from between the Rhododendrons, and will send their sweet subtle odour through the open windows into the house. And as I write I am told of a recipe showing how, in the Wortlore of old, the firm white petals were esteemed of use.
    • 2013, Suzanne Ruthven, ‎Melusine Draco, Shaman Pathways - Black Horse, White Horse:
      This may often have been the case in many instances of horse whispering tricks, but the interview with former race-horse trainer, Paul Harriss, for Alphard magazine reveals that there is more to the true whisperer than mere tricks and wortlore: [...]

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