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Flag of Wessex, featuring a wyvern rampant.

Alternative formsEdit


Alteration of Middle English wyvere (viper), borrowed from Old Northern French wivre, from Latin vīpera (viper; snake, serpent). See also weever.



wyvern (plural wyverns)

  1. (heraldry, mythology, fantasy) A draconian creature possessing wings, only two legs and usually a barbed tail.
    • Sir Walter Scott
      The jargon of heraldry, its griffins, its moldwarps, its wyverns, and its dragons.
    • 1940-54 The Collected Poetry of Malcolm Lowry, "WE SIT UNHACKLED DRUNK AND MAD TO EDIT", UBC Press,1992, p.222:
      Notions of freedom are tied up in drink / Our ideal life contains a tavern / Where man may sit and talk of or just think / All without fear of the nighted wyvern, / Or yet another tavern where it appears.


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