From Old Norse øx (axe), from Proto-Germanic *akwisī, from a Proto-Indo-European *h₂egʷs-ih₂- (axe), from *h₂eḱ- (sharp, pointed).


yxa c

  1. axe


Declension of yxa 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative yxa yxan yxor yxorna
Genitive yxas yxans yxors yxornas



  1. (yxa till, yxa ihop, yxa fram) to axe, to cut, chip or sculpture with an axe, to hack, to shape roughly, to make a prototype
    Thorberg gick fram och yxade till kanten, så att alla märkena efter yxhuggen försvunno.
    Then Thorberg went and chipped the planks until the deep notches were all smoothed and made even with the rest. (Heimskringla, part 3)
    Och så yxade jag till en stuga här vid vägen.
    And so I built a log cabin here by the road.
    kommittén hade yxat till ett förslag
    the committee had made a rough proposal
    Jag yxade till min personliga profil lite granna
    I shaped up my personal profile a bit
  2. (yxa ner, yxa upp, yxa sönder, yxa bort) to slash with an axe, to reduce or remove, to attack, to criticise
    Hon har yxat ner antalet biståndsländer från 70 till 33
    She has slashed the number of countries receiving our foreign aid from 70 to 33
    yxa upp en vak
    cut a hole in the ice with an axe


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