Greek edit

Etymology edit

From Ancient Greek ας (as), from Ancient Greek ἀφές (aphés, let!).

Particle edit

ας (as)

  1. added before the dependent or present verb forms to form the hortative and jussive moods:
    Ας πάμε!As páme!Let’s go!
    Ας γκρινιάζει.As gkriniázei.Let him moan.
  2. more literally as an imperative, leave off:
    Ας τ’ αστεία!As t’ asteía!Leave off the jokes!

Related terms edit

  • να (na, subjunctive particle)

Phrygian edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Indo-European *h₁ens.

Preposition edit

ας (as)

  1. to (+ accusative)