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From Ancient Greek δέρω (dérō, to tear, to flog).


  • IPA(key): /ˈðeɾno/
  • Hyphenation: δέρ‧νω


δέρνω (dérno) (simple past έδειρα, passive δέρνομαι)

  1. (transitive) beat, hit, smack, batter (to strike a person or animal with the hand or other implement)
    Θα σε δείρω αν δεν σταματήσεις τις αταξίες.Tha se deíro an den stamatíseis tis ataxíes.I'll smack you if you don't stop misbehaving.
    Μην δέρνεις το σκυλί, τι σου έφταιξε το καημένο;Min dérneis to skylí, ti sou éftaixe to kaïméno?Stop beating the dog, what did the poor thing ever do to you?
  2. (transitive, figuratively) batter, hit (to fall on something with might and power)
    Το σπίτι μας το δέρνει συνεχώς ο άνεμος.To spíti mas to dérnei synechós o ánemos.Our house is constantly being battered by the wind.
    Τα κύματα έδερναν το καράβι όλο το βράδυ.Ta kýmata édernan to karávi ólo to vrády.The waves battered the boat all night long.
  3. (transitive, figuratively) be suffering from, be being killed by.
    Με δέρνει η πείνα απόψε.Me dérnei i peína apópse.The hunger is killing me tonight.
    Την ψυχή μου την δέρνει η θλίψη.Tin psychí mou tin dérnei i thlípsi.My soul is suffering from the grief.
  4. (transitive, figuratively, derogatory) be suffering from, be afflicted by, be characterised by (as a quality)
    Τι βλακεία τον δέρνει πρόσφατα;Ti vlakeía ton dérnei prósfata?What kind of stupidity is he suffering from recently?



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