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From Ancient Greek βασανίζω (basanízō, to examine, to investigate), modern sense developed from the association of investigations and inquisitions of prisoners with physical tortures.


  • IPA(key): /vasaˈnizo/
  • Hyphenation: βα‧σα‧νί‧ζω


βασανίζω (vasanízo) (simple past βασάνισα, passive βασανίζομαι)

  1. (transitive) torture (intentionally inflict severe pain or suffering on)
    Βασάνισαν τον αιχμάλωτο για να ομολογήσει.Vasánisan ton aichmáloto gia na omologísei.They tortured the prisoner so that he would confess.
  2. (transitive, figuratively) torture, torment, rack, be killing (cause severe suffering to)
    Αυτό το αγόρι βασανίζει τους καημένους τους γονείς του.Aftó to agóri vasanízei tous kaïménous tous goneís tou.This boy tortures his poor parents.
    Πρέπει να δω τον οδοντίατρο, με βασανίζει αυτό το δόντι.Prépei na do ton odontíatro, me vasanízei aftó to dónti.I have to see the dentist, this tooth is killing me.
  3. (transitive, figuratively) torment, rack (cause mental suffering to)
    Μήνες τώρα με βασανίζουν οι τύψεις.Mínes tóra me vasanízoun oi týpseis.For months now, I've been tormented with guilt.
  4. (transitive, rare, formal) probe, pore over, investigate (examine something carefully and attentively)
    Πρέπει να βασανίσω τα στοιχεία προτού καταλήξω σε απόφαση.Prépei na vasaníso ta stoicheía protoú katalíxo se apófasi.I have to pore over the facts before I come to a decision.



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