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From πρός (prós, to, towards, with) +‎ ἔχω (ékhō, I have, hold)




προσέχω (prosékhō)

  1. I hold to, offer, I bring to
    1. I bring a ship near a place, bring it to port, I put in, touch at a place, (absolute) I land
    2. I turn to or towards a thing, I turn my mind, thoughts, attention to a thing
    3. I give heed to myself, I am on my guard against
      1. I devote myself to a thing
      2. (with infinitive) I expect to do
      3. I continue
    4. (middle) I attach myself to a thing, cling or cleave to it
      1. (figuratively) I devote myself to the service of any one
    5. (passive) I am held fast by a thing, attached to it
  2. I have besides or in addition


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From Ancient Greek προσέχω (prosékhō).


προσέχω (prosécho) (simple past πρόσεξα, passive προσέχομαι)

  1. watch, observe
  2. watch out, be careful
  3. (transitive) to take care of someone
  4. (intransitive) to take care