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Etymology 1Edit

From Koine Greek ωρέ (ōré), from Ancient Greek μωρέ (mōré), the vocative form of μωρός (mōrós).

Pronunciation 1Edit


ρε (re)

  1. (colloquial, informal) hey, eh, dude (informal address to a friend or acquaintance, usually male)
    Ρε Γιάννη, τι γίνεται εκεί πέρα; Ακούω φωνές.Re Giánni, ti gínetai ekeí péra? Akoúo fonés.Hey Gianni, what's going on over there? I can hear shouting.
    Έλα ρε, μη λες τέτοια!Éla re, mi les tétoia!Come on, dude, don't say stuff like that!
  2. (colloquial, informal, offensive) you, blud (informal address to strangers and unfamiliar people to deliberately offend)
    Φύγε από δω, ρε αλήτη.Fýge apó do, re alíti.Get out of here, you bum.
    Ξέρεις ποιος είμαι εγώ, ρε;Xéreis poios eímai egó, re?Do you know who I am, blud?
  3. (colloquial, informal) jeez, gosh, yikes, my (expressing surprise or bewilderment)
    Αχ ρε τι πάθαμε.Ach re ti páthame.Oh jeez, look what happened to us.
    Ρε, τον φουκαρά!Re, ton foukará!Gosh, the poor wretch!

Related termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

Borrowed from Italian re.

Pronunciation 2Edit


ρε (ren (indeclinable)

  1. (music) re, ray (second note in the tonic sol-fa or solfège scale)
  2. (music) D (second note or supertonic in the C major scale)
    ρε ματζόρεre matzóreD major
    ρε μινόρεre minóreD minor
    ρε ύφεση ματζόρεre ýfesi matzóreD-flat major