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From τέλος (télos, end) +‎ -έω (-éō, denominative verbal suffix).

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τελέω (teléō)

  1. to bring about, complete, fulfill
  2. to perform, accomplish, do
  3. to keep one's word
  4. to pay, present (especially pay taxes)
  5. to belong to a class
    • 550s AD, Procopius, History of the Wars 5.1.6:
      ἦν δέ τις ἐν αὐτοῖς Ὀδόακρος ὄνομα, ἐς τοὺς βασιλέως δορυφόρους τελῶν
      ên dé tis en autoîs Odóakros ónoma, es toùs basiléōs doruphórous telôn
      • 1916 translation by H. B. Dewing
        Now there was a certain man among the Romans named Odoacer, one of the bodyguards of the emperor ...
  6. to consecrate, initiate

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