Mongolian edit


Etymology edit

From Proto-Mongolic *bayi-qu (to stay, to be at), compare Buryat байха (bajxa).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /pæːχ/, [pæ̝ːχ]

Verb edit

байх (bajx)

  1. to be, have, appear, exist, keep, hold
  2. to reside, live, dwell, stay, remain, repose, rest, underlie
  3. to attend
  4. to consist, get, happen, conclude
  5. to move, go
  6. to hug
  7. to ride, sit

Conjugation edit

Selected forms of байх
Habitual participle байдаг bajdag
Past participle байсан bajsan
Future participle байх bajx
Durative байна bajna
Terminative байав bajav
Confirmative байлаа bajlaa
Resultative байжээ bajžee
Imperative бай baj
Imperfective converb байж bajž

Like verbs meaning "to be" in many languages, this verb is irregular. The habitual participle forms also include irregular байн (bajn). Negative forms: