Adyghe Edit

Pronunciation Edit

  • IPA(key): [bəː]
  • (file)

Letter Edit

бы () (lower case, upper case Бы)

  1. The second of the Adyghe Cyrillic alphabet.

Noun Edit

бы ()

  1. den
  2. haunt
  3. nest

Declension Edit

Russian Edit

Alternative forms Edit

  • б (b)abbreviation, especially after vowels
  • кабы́ (kabý)colloquial

Etymology Edit

Inherited from Old East Slavic бꙑ (by), from Proto-Slavic *by.

Pronunciation Edit

Particle Edit

бы (by)

  1. A verbal particle used to render conditional and subjunctive patterns
    Я говори́л.Ja govoríl.I spoke.
    Я бы говори́л.Ja by govoríl.I would (should) have spoken.; I would speak.; I might speak.

Usage notes Edit

  • The particle бы is often shortened to б (b).
  • The particle бы may appear in any place within a sentence except the beginning. In colloquial speech it can be heard used multiple times within the same clause, but this usage is considered erroneous.
  • The particle бы is, in some expressions, omitted in colloquial settings. For example:

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