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Central Kurdish edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Iranian *HwáHatah (wind) (compare Avestan 𐬬𐬁𐬙𐬋 (vātō), Pashto and Persian باد (bâd)), from Proto-Indo-Iranian *HwáHatas (wind) (compare Sanskrit वात (vā́ta)), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂wéh₁n̥ts (blowing), present participle of *h₂weh₁- (to blow).

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

Northern Kurdish ba

با (ba)

  1. wind

Persian edit

Etymology 1 edit

From Middle Persian *-bāg, from Old Iranian *pāka-, from the root pak- (to cook).[1] Compare Sanskrit पचति (pacati, to cook, bake).

Pronunciation edit


Classical reading?
Dari reading?
Iranian reading?
Tajik reading? bo
  • (file)

Suffix edit

با (-bâ)

  1. soup
Derived terms edit

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Etymology 2 edit

From earlier ابا (abâ), from Middle Persian.

Preposition edit

Dari با, کتی
Iranian Persian با
Tajik бо, қатӣ

با ()

  1. (Iran or slightly formal) with
Usage notes edit
  • Used in all dialects, though in Dari and Tajik it has a somewhat formal connotation and is often reserved for formal speech. In Iran, there is no formal connotation and its usage is common regardless of formality.

Etymology 3 edit

Noun edit


  1. Pronunciation spelling of بها, representing Kabuli and Hazaragi Persian.