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Ultimately from Sanskrit स्था (sthā, to stand, remain, root), from Proto-Indo-Iranian *staH-, from Proto-Indo-European *steh₂-. Compare Hindi था (thā, was), past tense of होना (honā, to be).


થવું (thavũ)

  1. to happen, occur
    ત્યારે થયુંtyāre thayũthat
  2. to become
    એ મોટો થયો.
    e moṭo thayo.
    He became old.
  3. to be produced, generated; to result
    ઝાડે ફળ થાય.
    jhāḍe phaḷ thāya.
    On trees fruit is produced.
  4. (of time) to pass
    બે કલાક થયા.
    be kalāk thayā.
    Two hours passed.
  5. (of weights) to weigh
    શાક ૧ કિલો થયો.
    śāk 1 kilo thayo.
    The vegetables weigh 1 kilogram
  6. to think, to feel
    મને એમ થાય છે કે ...
    mane ema thāya che ke ...
    I think that ...
  7. to experience, to feel
    મને દુ:ખ થાય છે.
    mane du:kha thāya che.
    I am feeling sadness.
  8. (in the present or imperative) to begin, start
    હું કરતો થઉં.
    hũ karto thaũ.
    I'll start doing it.