From Sauraseni Prakrit होइ (होइ), from Sanskrit भवति (bhavati, to happen, to become), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰew- (to grow, become, come into being, appear). Cognate with Nepali हुनु (hunu), English be. Present indicative forms are inherited from Middle Indic aha-, from Sanskrit अस्ति (asti, to be).



होना (honā) (Urdu spelling ہونا)

  1. to be
  2. to exist
    एक दिन, वह होगाek din, vah hogā.One day, it will exist.


Infinitive forms of होना
infinitive direct होना
indirect होने
Imperative forms of होना
singular तू हो
singular or plural तुम हो
आप हूजिए
Other non-aspectual forms of होना
conjunctive होकर
agentive / prospective होनेवाला, होनेवाली

Derived termsEdit