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Borrowed from Sanskrit प्रति (prati).



ప్రతి (prati? (plural ప్రతులు)

  1. A Sanskrit particle, prefixed to words of that language, and implying opposition or substitution, (instead of, in lieu of, opposed to,) order, distribution, (severally, each by each.) direction, designation, (toward, upon.) possession or inclusion in (as a part, or portion.) exchange, return, (again, back again.)
  2. the other.
  3. a match, an equivalent or substitute.
  4. a copy, as of a letter.
  5. a bit, section, spot of ground.
  6. one twelfth of a గుంట (guṇṭa), one part or length of a wall.


ప్రతి (prati)

  1. each, every.
  2. opposite, contrary, antagonistic, rival.