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Etymology 1Edit

From Chinese (, ordinal number marker)


ទី (tii)

  1. marker for ordinal numbers
    ទី (tii mpʰey muəy) — 21st

Etymology 2Edit

From Chinese (de, nominalizing particle)


ទី (tii)

  1. nominalizer for forming compound nouns with the general meaning of "that which is worthy of" the sense of the verb; or "that which is the object of" the sense of the verb.
    ទី​ពឹង (tii pɨng)​ — someone or something upon which one can depend
    ទីសំអប់ (tii sɑm’ɑp) — object of hatred

Etymology 3Edit


ទី (tii)

  1. location, place, spot, point
  2. rank, goal
  3. kind of kettle
Derived termsEdit