Khmer edit

Pronunciation edit

Orthographic and Phonemic រោម
WT romanisation room
(standard) IPA(key) /roːm/

Etymology 1 edit

From Proto-Mon-Khmer *rum ~ *ruum ~ *ruəm ~ *ruəp (to assemble). Doublet of រួម (ruəm) and រួប (ruəp).

Verb edit

រោម (room) (abstract noun ការរោម)

  1. to encircle, to surround, to cluster around, to swarm (as ants, bees)

Etymology 2 edit

From Pali roma.

Noun edit

រោម (room)

  1. body hair (except head hair and pubic hair), fur, down
Synonyms edit

Pali edit

Alternative forms edit

Noun edit

រោម n

  1. Khmer script form of roma (hair)

Declension edit