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とは (rōmaji to wa)

  1. indicates that a word or a phrase is to be defined
     () (すう)とは (なに)かを (まな)んだ。
    Sosū to wa nani ka o mananda.
    I learnt what a prime number was.
    Ubuntu to wa?
    What is Ubuntu?
  2. (emphatic) Synonym of (to, with)
    あいつとはもう (かん) (けい)ない。
    Aitsu to wa mō kankei nai.
    I have nothing to do with him/her anymore.
  3. Short for とは思わなかった (to wa omowanakatta, did not think that ...).
    まさか自殺 (じさつ)するとは……
    masaka jisatsu suru to wa……
    I never would have thought that he/she would kill himself/herself...

Usage notesEdit

  • This particle is e.g. often used in encyclopedias to define entries.
  • When used alone with a word it denotes the meaning of "this word is defined as?" and may be translated as "about" or "What is".

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