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もう (rōmaji )

  1. already
     (かれ)もうここに ()ている。
    Kare wa koko ni kite iru.
    He is already here.
  2. already the time to do so. shortly, soon.
     () ()ですからもう失礼 (しつれい)します。
    Ku-ji desu kara shitsurei shimasu.
    It's nine o'clock so I must leave shortly.
  3. (negative sentence) any more
     (わたし)もう (ある)けない。
    Watashi wa arukenai.
    I can't walk any more.
  4. (もう + small amount) more, further
    もう一杯 (いっぱい)ください。
    ippai kudasai.
    Give me one more glass.

Usage notesEdit

A common mistake among Japanese language learners is to use もう as a general term meaning more; the correct term in many cases is もっと (motto).

Senses 1-3 and sense 4 have different accents.




もう (rōmaji )

  1. (colloquial) jeez!, used to express frustration against the addressee; compare use of English already
    もう (なに)やってんだよ。
    , nani yatte n da yo.
    Jeez, what're you up to? → Whaddya doing, already?

Alternative formsEdit


もう (rōmaji -mō)

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