U+4EBE, 亾

CJK Unified Ideographs 亿

Translingual edit

Han character edit

(Kangxi radical 9, +1, 3 strokes, cangjie input 人女 (OV), composition 𠃊)

References edit

  • Kangxi Dictionary: not present, would follow page 91, character 5
  • Hanyu Da Zidian (first edition): volume 1, page 103, character 3
  • Unihan data for U+4EBE

Chinese edit

For pronunciation and definitions of – see (“to run away; to flee; to escape; to lose; etc.”).
(This character, , is a variant form of .)

Korean edit

Hanja edit

(mang, mu) (hangeul , , revised mang, mu, McCune–Reischauer mang, mu)

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