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See also 剥げる
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Grade: S
Alternative spelling
剝ぐ (kyūjitai)


  • Tokyo pitch accent of conjugated forms of "剥ぐ"
Source: Online Japanese Accent Dictionary
Stem forms
Terminal (終止形)
Attributive (連体形)
剥ぐ [háꜜgù]
Imperative (命令形) 剥げ [háꜜgè]
Key constructions
Passive 剥がれる がれ [hàgáréꜜrù]
Causative 剥がせる がせ [hàgáséꜜrù]
Potential 剥げる [hàgéꜜrù]
Volitional 剥ごう [hàgóꜜò]
Negative 剥がない ない [hàgáꜜnàì]
Negative perfective 剥がなかった なかった [hàgáꜜnàkàttà]
Formal 剥ぎます ぎま [hàgímáꜜsù]
Perfective 剥いだ いだ [háꜜìdà]
Conjunctive 剥いで いで [háꜜìdè]
Hypothetical conditional 剥げば げば [háꜜgèbà]


() (hagutransitive godan (stem () (hagi), past ()いだ (haida), kyūjitai 剝ぐ)

Japanese verb pair
active 剥ぐ
mediopassive 剥げる
  1. to peel off
  2. to skin; to flay
  3. to disrobe; to take off clothing
  4. to deprive (someone of something)


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