See also: 女大十八变


female; woman; daughter
big; great; huge; large; major; wide; deep; oldest; eldest; doctor
eighteen; 18
to change; to become different; to transform; to vary; rebellion
trad. (女大十八變) 十八
simp. (女大十八变) 十八
Literally: “The eighteen changes of a grown woman.”.




  1. All of the changes that a girl makes when turning into a woman; blossom into womanhood
    女大十八變如今成為亭亭玉立天鵝 [MSC, trad.]
    女大十八变如今成为亭亭玉立天鹅 [MSC, simp.]
    Nǚdàshíbābiàn, tā rújīn yǐ chéngwéi tíngtíngyùlì de xiǎotiān'é. [Pinyin]
    After having blossomed into womanhood, she has become a statuesque little swan.
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