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惜しい (-i inflection, hiragana おしい, rōmaji oshii)

  1. unfortunate, regrettable
     ()わってしまうのは (ほん) (とう) ()しい
    owatteshimau no wa hontō ni oshii
    it's really a pity that it has ended
  2. a waste, too good for
  3. precious
    説明 (せつめい)する () (かん) ()しい
    setsumei suru jikan ga oshii
    there is little time to explain
    (literally, “time for explaining is precious”)
  4. close; almost; close but no cigar; barely and unfortunately/regrettably missing the mark
     ()しいけど仕方 (しかた)ない
    oshii kedo shikata nai
    so close! but it can't be helped
     (いま)のは ()しい
    ima no wa oshii
    that was so close!