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Grade: S


振る (transitive, godan conjugation, hiragana ふる, rōmaji furu)

  1. to shake; (of a hand or flag) to wave; (of a tail) to wag; (of a baseball bat) to swing; to move something back and forth in a circular motion
     () ()った。
    Te o futta.
    He waved his hand.
  2. to point something in a new direction; to swing something around to (a direction)
  3. to sprinkle (something) on; to shake (something such as salt) on
  4. to throw away; to discard
  5. to reject someone; to jilt someone
    furarete mo
    even if you get dumped
  6. to distribute; to divide among; to assign (to many people or places)
  7. to replace; to change out



振る (hiragana ぶる, rōmaji -buru)

  1. 振る: assuming the air of, acting like it (when one is not)