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Etymology 1Edit

Kanji in this term
しょく > ちょく
Grade: 3

Grade: 1
irregular goon
Kanji in this term
Grade: 3

Grade: 1
kan’on goon

(to plant) +‎ (character), as in "planting" movable type into a frame for printing



(しょく)() or (ちょく)() (shokuji or chokuji

  1. (typography) typesetting or composition
    Coordinate term: 文選
    Holonym: 組版
    Meronym: 文字組み
    a typesetter


(しょく)() or (ちょく)() (shokuji or chokujisuru

  1. (typography) to typeset or compose

Usage notesEdit

  • This term could be used synonymously with 組版 (kumihan), although it is actually its meronym. 植字 (shokuji) refers to the specific task of composing type with 約物 (yakumono, punctuation) and 込め物 (komemono, spacing), which is done after 文選 (bunsen, type picking). 組版 (kumihan) encompasses these two tasks.
  • Compare 文字組み (mojikumi, character composition), which is about preventing certain classes of characters from violating typographic rules.

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Etymology 2Edit

Kanji in this term
Grade: 3

Grade: 1
For pronunciation and definitions of 植字 – see 植え字.
(This term, 植字, is an alternative spelling of the above terms.)

(The following entry is uncreated: 植え字.)