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white; empty; blank
white; empty; blank; bright; clear; plain; pure; gratuitous
man; person; people
simp. and trad.
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Etymology 1 edit

Calque of English white person.

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  1. white person; Caucasian
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  1. (archaic) Bai people
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Japanese edit

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Grade: 1
Grade: 1
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Etymology edit

(haku, white) +‎ (jin, person)

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(はく)(じん) (hakujin

  1. a white person
    Synonyms: 白色人種 (hakushoku jinshu), 白人種 (hakujinshu), コーカソイド (kōkasoido)
    Coordinate terms: 黄人 (kōjin), 黒人 (kokujin)

References edit

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Korean edit

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Noun edit

白人 (baegin) (hangeul 백인)

  1. Hanja form? of 백인 (white person).