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Grade: 5
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Cognate with Japanese 写る.

Pronunciation edit

  • Tokyo pitch accent of conjugated forms of "移る"
Source: Online Japanese Accent Dictionary
Stem forms
Terminal (終止形)
Attributive (連体形)
移る [ùtsúꜜrù]
Imperative (命令形) 移れ [ùtsúꜜrè]
Key constructions
Passive 移られる つられ [ùtsúráréꜜrù]
Causative 移らせる つらせ [ùtsúráséꜜrù]
Potential 移れる つれ [ùtsúréꜜrù]
Volitional 移ろう つろ [ùtsúróꜜò]
Negative 移らない つらない [ùtsúráꜜnàì]
Negative perfective 移らなかった つらなかった [ùtsúráꜜnàkàttà]
Formal 移ります つりま [ùtsúrímáꜜsù]
Perfective 移った った [ùtsúꜜttà]
Conjunctive 移って って [ùtsúꜜttè]
Hypothetical conditional 移れば れば [ùtsúꜜrèbà]

Verb edit

(うつ) (utsuruintransitive godan (stem (うつ) (utsuri), past (うつ)った (utsutta))

Japanese verb pair
active 移す
mediopassive 移る
  1. 移る: to move (as moving one's place of residence); to migrate
    Amerika ni utsuru
    to move to the United States
  2. 移る: to transfer; to move to a new position within an organization; to change one's duties
  3. 移る: to move (to a new topic); to shift (one's interests); to turn (to a new topic)
  4. 移る: to permeate; (of colors and scents) to soak (through, into)
  5. 移る, 伝染る, 感染る: to infect; to be infectious; to spread (as fire or illness)
    Baka ga utsuru.
    The stupidity will infect me.

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References edit

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