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Originally 産霊 (musuhi, motive force, life force) +‎ (no, possessive particle) +‎ (kami, god, spirit). The musuhi portion is itself a compound of 産す (musu, to happen, to develop, to grow) + (hi, mystical power).[1][2]

Musuhi no Kami is one of the kami of creation, responsible for producing heaven and earth and all things. The musuhi (“mystic power of growth”) eventually changed into musubi (“tying together”). The 結び spelling for this portion is an example of ateji.[1] In popular culture, this kami is now responsible for romantic matchmaking.[1][2]


Proper nounEdit

結びの神 (hiragana むすびのかみ, rōmaji Musubi no Kami)

  1. (mythology, Shinto): the Japanese god of matchmaking, love and marriage
  2. a euphemism for a romantic matchmaker
  3. (mythology, Shinto): one of the Japanese gods of creation
産霊の神 (むすひのかみ, ​Musuhi no Kami)

Usage notesEdit

Although Musubi no Kami and Musuhi no Kami are essentially the same entity in the Shinto pantheon, the Musubi name appears to be generally reserved for the romantic matchmaking senses, while the Musuhi name is generally used to indicate the kami responsible for producing all of existence.


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