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gown; clothes; to dress; to wear
particle indicating the successful result of a verb; to touch; to come in contact with; to feel; to be affected by; to catch fire; to fall asleep; to burn; particle attached after verb to indicate action in progress, like ‑ing ending; to make known; to show; to prove; to write; book; outstanding; to wear (clothes); to contact; to use; to apply; catch; receive; suffer
trad. (衣著/衣着) /
simp. (衣着)




  1. clothing; clothes


Dialectal synonyms of 衣服 (“clothes”) [map]
Variety Location Words
Classical Chinese , 衣裳, 衣服
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) 衣服
Mandarin Beijing 衣裳, 衣服
Taiwan 衣服, 衣裳
Tianjin 衣裳, 衣服
Harbin 衣服, 衣裳
Shenyang 衣裳
Jinan 衣裳, 衣服
Muping 衣裳
Luoyang 衣裳
Wanrong 穿的
Xi'an 衣裳
Xining 衣裳
Xuzhou 衣裳, 衣服
Yinchuan 衣裳
Lanzhou 衣裳
Ürümqi 衣裳
Wuhan 衣服, 衣裳
Chengdu 衣裳, 衣服
Guiyang 衣裳, 衣服
Liuzhou 衣裳, 衣服
Kunming 衣裳
Yangzhou 衣裳
Nanjing 衣裳, 衣服
Hefei 衣裳
Nantong 衣裳
Cantonese Guangzhou 衫褲,
Hong Kong 衫褲,
Hong Kong (San Tin Weitou) 衣裳
Dongguan 衫褲,
Yangjiang 衫褲
Gan Nanchang 衣裳
Lichuan 衣裳
Pingxiang 衣服
Hakka Meixian 衫褲
Xingning 衫褲
Huidong (Daling) 衫褲
Qujiang 衫褲
Lianshan (Xiaosanjiang) 衫褲
Changting 衫褲
Pingyu 衫褲
Wuping 衫褲
Liancheng 衫褲
Ninghua 衫褲
Yudu 衫褲
Ruijin 衫褲
Shicheng 衫褲
Shangyou 衫褲
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 衫褲
Liudui (S. Sixian) 衫褲
Hsinchu (Hailu) 衫褲
Dongshi (Dabu) 衫褲
Hsinchu (Raoping) 衫褲
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 衫褲
Hong Kong 衫褲
Huizhou Jixi 衣裳
Jin Taiyuan 衣裳
Xinzhou 衣裳
Min Bei Jian'ou 衣裳
Min Dong Fuzhou 衣裳
Fuqing 衣裳, 衫褲
Matsu 衣裳
Min Nan Xiamen , 衫褲, 衫穿, 身穿
Quanzhou , 衫褲, 身穿
Zhangzhou , 衫褲, 身穿
Taipei , 衫仔褲
Kaohsiung , 衫仔褲
Wuqi , 衫仔褲
Lukang , 衫仔褲
Yilan , 衫仔褲
Singapore 衫褲
Philippines (Manila) , 衫褲
Chaozhou 衫褲
Shantou 衫褲
Haifeng 衫褲
Haikou 衫褲
Leizhou 衫褲
Wu Shanghai 衣裳
Suzhou 衣裳
Hangzhou 衣裳
Wenzhou 衣裳, 衣裳兒服
Chongming 衣裳
Danyang 衣裳, 衣衫
Jinhua 衣裳
Ningbo 衣裳, 衣衫
Xiang Changsha 衣服, , 衣褲
Shuangfeng 衣服, 衣褲
Loudi 衣褲