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Grade: 6



降ろす (transitive, godan conjugation, hiragana おろす, rōmaji orosu)

  1. drop off
     (えき) (まえ) ()ろして (くだ)さい
    Eki no mae de oroshite kudasai.
    Drop me off in front of the station.
  2. unload
     (れっ) (しゃ)から荷物 (にもつ) ()ろす
    ressha kara nimotsu o orosu
    unload baggage from a train
  3. lower something like a flag
  4. remove; take away from a role or a rank
     (かれ)主役 (しゅやく)から ()ろされた
    Kare wa shuyaku kara orosareta.
    He was removed from the leading role.
  5. withdraw (money)

Usage notesEdit

The kanji usage of 降ろす versus 下ろす (both pronounced おろす and with very similar meanings of “to lower”) is somewhat delicate – see external links for details.


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