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Sino-Korean word from 世界 (world).


  • (SK Standard/Seoul) IPA(key): [ˈsʰe̞(ː)ɡje̞] ~ [ˈsʰe̞(ː)ɡe̞]
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  • Phonetic hangul: [(ː)/(ː)]
    • Though still prescribed in Standard Korean, most speakers in both Koreas no longer distinguish vowel length.
Revised Romanization?segye
Revised Romanization (translit.)?segye
Yale Romanization?sēykyey
  • South Gyeongsang (Busan) pitch accent: / 세 / 세

    Syllables in red take high pitch. This word always takes high pitch only on the second syllable, and also heightens the subsequent suffixed syllable.


세계 (segye) (hanja 世界)

  1. the world, the Earth
    세계에서 제일 나무segyeeseo jeil keun namuthe biggest tree in the world
  2. (tarot) The World (Tarot card)
Korean Wikipedia has an article on:
Wikipedia ko

Usage notesEdit

세상(世上) (sesang) is "world" in the figurative sense of that word, while 세계(世界) (segye) is "world" in the more literal sense of the Earth.

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