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Sino-Korean word from 第一


  • IPA(key)[ˈt͡ɕe̞ːiɭ]
  • Phonetic Hangul[:]
Revised Romanization? jeil
Revised Romanization (translit.)? jeil
McCune–Reischauer? cheil
Yale Romanization? cēyil


제일 (jeil) (hanja 第一)

  1. number one; the first or primary
  2. (by extension) most; -est
  3. (forms superlatives of adjectives)
    그 사전은 제일 좋아요.
    Geu sajeoneun jeil joayo.
    This dictionary is the best.

Usage notesEdit

The most common use of this is in front of an adjective or adjectival phrase, to denote superlativity.

A 2007 decision by the Patent Court of Korea found that while the superlative sense of 제일 is not distinctive, the use of 제일 in front of a noun is distinctive and can be protected by trademark. [1]

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