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Sino-Korean word from 第一


  • IPA(key)[ˈt͡ɕe̞ːiɭ]
  • Phonetic Hangul[:]
Revised Romanization? jeil
Revised Romanization (translit.)? jeil
McCune–Reischauer? cheil
Yale Romanization? cēyil


제일 (jeil) (hanja 第一)

  1. number one; the first or primary
  2. (by extension) most; -est
  3. (forms superlatives of adjectives)
    그 사전은 제일 좋아요.
    Geu sajeon-eun jeil joayo.
    This dictionary is the best.

Usage notesEdit

The most common use of this is in front of an adjective or adjectival phrase, to denote superlativity.

A 2007 decision by the Patent Court of Korea found that while the superlative sense of 제일 is not distinctive, the use of 제일 in front of a noun is distinctive and can be protected by trademark. [1]

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