U+C3D9, 쏙
Composition: + +

Hangul Syllables

쎼 ←→ 쏴

Korean edit

Etymology edit

Of native Korean origin. Perhaps related to (sok, “inside”).

Pronunciation edit

Revised Romanization?ssok
Revised Romanization (translit.)?ssog
Yale Romanization?ssok

Ideophone edit

Ablaut/harmonic pair
Yin-form (ssuk)
Yang-form (ssok)


  1. entering or protruding deeply (either towards or away from the speaker, of a small object or of a relatively lesser depth)
    동전 여기 빠졌어.
    dongjeon-i yeogi ssok ppajeosseo.
    The coin dropped a bit inside here.
    조각상 이렇게 튀어나왔네?
    i jogaksang-eun ko-ga ireoke ssok twieonawanne?
    This statue has a protruding little nose!
  2. in a state in which large quantities have been drained or removed (both physical and metaphorical)
    mur-i ssok ppajeotda
    The water was drained in large quantities
    sar-i ssok ppajeonne
    You lose a lot of weight
  3. while being excluded
  4. fashionably
  5. entrancedly; obsessedly
    언어학 빠졌어.
    eoneohag-e ssok ppajeosseo.
    I'm obsessed with linguistics now.
  6. appealingly
    마음 들다
    ma'eum-e ssok deulda
    to like very much
  7. identically