U+C634, 옴
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Hangul Syllables

예 ←→ 와

Korean edit

Etymology 1 edit

Of native Korean origin. Probably cognate with Korean (um, bud).

Noun edit


  1. scab, scabies, (of a mammal) mange
    보지 긁는다. 사타구니 긁다 보지 긁는다.
    Om deog-e boji geungneunda. Sataguni geukda boji geungneunda.
    Scabies justify her to scratch her pubes. She scratches her pubes as well as her itchy thigh.
  2. small bulges or goose pimples on the areola around the nipple
  3. Short for 옴쌀 (omssal, the grains that remain unmashed in Korean glutinous rice dough)..
    Synonyms: 찰떡 (chaltteok), 인절미 (injeolmi)
Synonyms edit
  • (scabies):
  • (goose pimples):
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Etymology 2 edit

From German Ohm.

Noun edit


  1. ohm
    Synonym: 오옴 (oom)

Proper noun edit


  1. Ohm (the German physicist Georg Simon Ohm (1789~1854), who discovered Ohm's Law in 1826)
    Synonym: 오옴 (Oom)

Etymology 3 edit

Of native Korean origin. Verb form of 오다 (oda, to go).

Noun edit


  1. (the substantive form of 오다 (oda, to go), i.e., "the act of going")